Find the description of the terms that is being used in SBOBET site.

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5 Glossary Terms Found
Beez Kneez
A honey bee themed slot game with free spin and prize pick opportunities, offered in SBOBET Games.
Bet Credit
The actual credit amount you can use to place bets with. Your bet credit can be more than or equals to zero, however you will not be able to place bets if your bet credit is zero. You can increase your bet credit by depositing funds into your SBOBET account.
Betting Budget
When enabled, the betting budget feature allows you to limit your total stakes for any 7 consecutive days.
A web browser is a software application which you use to access the services and products that SBOBET offers online. SBOBET is compatible with the following popular web browsers: Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8; Mozilla Firefox 3; Opera 10 and Safari 4.
In cases where the drawing of additional card(s) results in a card total exceeding the regulated points.