Find the description of the terms that is being used in SBOBET site.

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7 Glossary Terms Found
Waiting Bet
A waiting bet is a bet that is being processed and is subject to acceptance by SBOBET. A waiting bet occurs in live betting where your bet is not accepted immediately once you confirm it. Instead, there is a slight delay during the processing of your live bet where the bet is kept as a waiting bet.
SBOBET WAP mobile service allows you to access SBOBET’s services using your mobile phone. Using SBOBET WAP, you can check the events offered by SBOBET, place bets easily, and view your account balances and statement at anywhere and anytime using your mobile phone.
Website Maintenance
All services related to our products will be shut down during the maintenance period. The website maintenance generally takes approximately 2 hours to complete. The expected time that the website will be back in service in GMT +8 time zone is always shown at the top banner of our homepage during the maintenance period.
White Wizard
A magical wizard themed slot game offered in SBOBET Games with free game opportunities.
A bet type in racing events. Bets can be made by selecting the winning runner in a race.
The profit or the sum of money you can win in a bet (not including your original stake).
Withdrawal History
The withdrawal history functionality allows you to view the withdrawal requests you have made in the past 30 days. You can check on the status of your withdrawal request using this page.